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Six Learning for Life (LfL) Alumni members are now members of the inaugeral Learning for Life Alumni Steering Committee!

Steering Committee status - June 2010

In December 2009, we asked LfL Alumni members to nominate for participation on an LfL Alumni Steering Committee. The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide input on the Alumni strategy and initiatives, guide website content and purpose, and potentially participate in event planning and organisation.

Tips from our corporate representative - succeeding in interviews & at work

To date, two quarterly meetings have been held. The attending Alumni representatives are very fortunate to have the General Manager NSW/ACT from nabprivatewealth participating with them as the corporate representative, Last meeting he shared his tips on interviews and succedding in the workplace, providing an insight into what employers look for, and reward. To see what he had to say, click on the following link:

DVD encouraging senior managers to nominate as Tertiary Mentors for TSF

One member of the Steering Committee works for a major financial services firm, and played a key (and 'starring') role in the preparation of a DVD which was sent to all senior executive members in the firm, encouraging them to become tertiary mentors. The targeted response was one senior manager per state/territory - the actual response was overwhelmingly higher! 34 senior managers were inspired to volunteer as tertiary mentors for The Smith family students, a fantastic response. Thanks Anh!


Lifelong learning:
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